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Best Guitar Multi Effects Pedal: The Top Three

A good pedal can be a crucial part of any guitarist’s tool kit. That applies to the beginning guitarist as well as the seasoned, more professional one. Hundreds of pedals are available for purchase so how can you possibly know which you should purchase? They all seem to offer interesting sound effects that help you alter […]

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Best Bass Guitar Pedals for Added Dimension

A bass guitar pedal is a small electronic box that manipulates the sound signals running through it. It is usually put on the floor on a pedal board and comes with a footswitch or pedal used to engage or disengage sound effects. If you play the bass, you know how crucial it is to have the […]

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Best Acoustic Guitar Pedals for Dimension and Tone

If you are a guitar player, you likely enjoy the simplicity of acoustic playing. After all, it is music in its simplest form, using nothing but the strings and your fingers. With that said, you also may enjoy amplifying your guitar. It doesn’t just make your music louder, but it can also help to shape and […]

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